Shine A Light On Solar With Hazlemere

Solar panels have now been around for many years and although they have seen reasonable adoption levels across the country there are still many homes that could be taking advantage of the amazing benefits that they provide. Hazlemere have been installers of solar panels in the Buckinghamshire area for many years and can provide you with the assurance of a quality installation. It is important to first understand exactly how solar power works, how it is fitted to your home and how you will benefit from it.

How It Works

Solar power takes advantage of the photoelectric effect which put simply relies on the light waves of the sun creating a reaction on the face of a solar panel. The waves of light that the sun emits contain energy in the form of heat and the solar panels are able to convert this heat into DC energy which can then be stored or converted to AC to power your home. The effectiveness of the panels relies heavily on the amount of sunlight your roof receives and as such only some elevations of the home are suitable for the placement of panels.

Fitting Solar Panels

The installation of solar panels on a roof is a relatively straightforward process, our team at Hazlemere will inspect the site, take measurements and then order the number of solar panels needed from an approved supplier. The panels are then easily and securely fitted onto the home by our expert team and we will ensure everything is in full working order.

Benefits Of Solar Power

The number one benefit of solar power is that you get to generate your own electricity to power your home. This reduces the amount you spend on energy bills and depending how well placed your home is, you may generate a surplus that can then be sold back to the national grid. If you are interested in solar panels in Amersham, solar panels in Chesham or solar panels in Uxbridge enquire today and start saving money as soon as possible.


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