Set Up For Summer With Super Solar

As we exit one of the coldest winters on record, we can only hope that we have as much sun and clear days as we have had blizzards and snows. For a select few homeowners up and the country it seriously pays to have good weather and a bit of sun can create a lot of energy in their homes. These are homeowners who have installed solar panels on their property which captures energy from the sun and turns it into useful electricity that can be used in the home. This article makes the case for why more homeowners should be making investments in solar, how it works and what benefits you are likely to receive in the long term.

The most important part of making any large purchasing decision is how the product you are interested in works. Although solar energy may seem complicated, it is in fact a rather simple process that is achieved through the use of some complicated technology. Ultimately, solar energy can be harnessed in two main forms, one in which the heat of the sun is used to create warm water and one in which the energy is directly captured and turned into electricity. Solar water heating is very rarely used in the UK due to the lack of direct and very hot sunlight which is needed in order to maintain the waters heat. The majority of UK installations of solar are photovoltaic systems which are able to convert the energy waves from the sun into useable electricity in the home; these rely on the radiating waves rather than the heat.

As the solar photovoltaic systems do not require heat or in fact direct sunlight, they are extremely useful for installation in the UK. Although they will work optimally during direct exposure to sunlight, they are able to produce energy even with cloud cover as the radiating waves of the sun still hit the panels. This ensures that your system will be producing energy for as many days as possible and on days that excess energy is produced, the extra electricity can be stored or sold to the national grid. This allows homeowners to save on their energy bills although as tariffs and grants change from the government, there can be better and worse time to invest. Ultimately, as electricity gets more expensive, the rate at which you installation pays back will continue to increase. If you are interested in solar panels in Buckingham, solar panels in Maidenhead or solar panels in Slough then contact an installer to get your roof measured and find out how much you will save.


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