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Why making a property thermally efficient is worthwhile

1st February 2018

With today’s ever increasing energy bills, it is now more important than ever that UK homeowners replace inefficient windows and doors with more thermally efficient ones. Having said that, to ensure a property gets the full benefit from an investment in double or triple glazing property owners also need to properly insulate the loft and...

3 Benefits Of Our Energy Efficient Double And Triple Glazed Windows

9th January 2018

Windows play an important role in any house. They’re there to give you a window to the world, to protect your home and to keep it shielded from the weather. Age can take its toll on traditional windows, especially those that are only single glazed, and cause them to offer depleted thermal performance, depleted aesthetics...

Financial long term benefits of having technologically advanced windows

27th September 2017

Replacing inefficient, outdated or inefficient existing windows is common sense, given the ever rising costs of electricity and gas, as long as if and when you do this you ensure you specify you want “thermally broken” replacement windows with the highest possible energy ratings. Sadly, some homeowners in England cite the upfront capital costs required...

Which is better? Double or Triple Glazing?

1st August 2017

A much better and more relevant question to ask is which of these 2 very different options is the better product for you and your UK property? Nowadays, although they do cost more, triple glazed PVCu windows, residential doors and French doors are not massively more expensive than double glazed products, but nevertheless do cost...

Reap the financial benefits of having technologically advanced windows

1st May 2017

Replacing inefficient, outdated or inefficient existing windows makes perfect sense, given the ever rising costs of electricity and gas, as long as if and when you do this, you ensure you specify the most affordable thermally efficient replacement windows on the home improvement UK market. Some homeowners in England, cite the upfront costs required, as...

Why it pays to have energy rated thermally broken windows

1st March 2017

All UK householders are all constantly being encouraged to play their part in helping the UK environment and are accustomed to the energy efficiency labels that are on all the white appliances that they purchase, as these indicate the extent to which the product they are buying is energy efficient, and therefore how environmentally friendly...

Why Secondary Glazing Is Sound

1st December 2016

Secondary glazed windows remain a genuine option for property owners in the South of England, particularly for those home owners who have bought a listed building or live in a conservation area, as well as for those whose dwelling is located next to a busy noisy road. Secondary glazing is not limited to houses that...

Why Property Owners Should Choose A+ or A++ Energy Rated Replacement Windows

1st December 2015

If and when replacing inefficient, outdated or inefficient existing windows, it surely makes sense, given the ever rising costs of electricity and gas, to choose the most affordable thermally efficient replacement windows? Technological advances in the UK double glazing industry over the last decade have caused the first and second generations of replacement double glazing...

7 Home Improvements That Prevent The Need To Move

17th November 2015

Moving home is sometimes due to necessity rather than an actual urge to relocate to a new property in potentially a completely different area. For instance, the house that you first moved into may no longer provide the spaciousness that it did because of a growing family. In those circumstances we would recommend that you...

Hazlemere- Firmly Committed To Recycling

6th February 2015

Whilst conducting our duties as a home improvement specialist and installing our full stock of windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries we’re always mindful of the environment and the need to protect and sustain it as best we can for future generations. Considerable effort has been made, particularly over the last eight years, to ensure that...

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