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Get A New Look This Season With A New Door From Hazlemere

17th May 2018

There are all sorts of things you can do to revamp the exterior of your house – modernise roofline, install some outdoor lighting, replace your existing windows and doors, spruce up brickwork, fit a brand new front entrance. Despite their importance, front doors are often one of the features most overlooked by householders, but not...

Orangeries vs Conservatories - What Is The Difference?

9th May 2018

Home extension buyers are always intrigued to uncover the differences between a conservatory and orangery so that they know which one of these spectacular extensions will best suit their personal taste and house style. Conservatories and orangeries have been popular selling products for many years, though they’ve arguably never been as sought after as they...

The Importance Of Planning Permission

2nd May 2018

Planning permission is one of the biggest discussion points for us with customers considering extending their home with a conservatory or orangery as a breach of planning control can prove costly. If you were to proceed with a home extension installation without obtaining planning permission when necessary first, there is a possibility that you could...

When a door is not a door

1st May 2018

The old saying “When is a door not a door?”……..“When it’s a-jar?” It is certainly true that in this energy conscious age, purely in thermally efficiency terms alone, an external door is not actually a door (in the energy saving sense) when it is a-jar, as whilst open it is letting out all the energy...

Transform Your Home With Aluminium Windows From Hazlemere

26th April 2018

It’s a new season and it could herald a brand new start for your home if you decide to replace your old windows with some sparkling new aluminium windows. Supplied double or triple glazed at Hazlemere, aluminium windows are immensely pleasing on the eyes as they have an unbelievably slim profile due to the surprising...

Top 3 Interior Decoration Ideas For Your Conservatory

23rd April 2018

Upon completion of a new conservatory or orangery installation at your home you should attempt to make the interior feel as much a part of the house as everywhere else. Keep in mind that modern conservatories and orangeries are designed to be all-year round spaces, rather than exclusive to our most moderately warm months, so...

UPVC vs Aluminium

16th April 2018

It’s a debate that rages on in the home improvement world – which is better, UPVC-built conservatories, windows and doors or aluminium-built conservatories, windows and doors? Some may accuse us of sitting on the fence, but we believe that they’re both equally fantastic building materials, this is why we provide both options at Hazlemere. It...

Still Living With Timber Roofline?

9th April 2018

Householders often overlook the importance of their timber roofline and it can be a costly mistake once their timber cladding, fascias and soffits begin to deteriorate in looks and performance. There’s absolutely no disputing the natural qualities of wood. Looked after properly, wood is an undeniably beautiful building material, however, maintaining wood is extremely hard...

How A Composite Door Can Impact Your Thermal Efficiency

5th April 2018

Will this winter ever end? That’s the question on the lips of householders who have been hit by expensive energy bills over these exceptionally cold few months. Some of them can’t just blame the weather for their costly fuel costs though. It could also be because their front / back door needs replacing and a...

Educate Yourself On The Rules Before Buying A Conservatory Or Orangery

22nd March 2018

It’s an exciting time when you give Hazlemere Windows the green light to build a conservatory or orangery installation on your behalf and there is a lot to think about. Which conservatory or orangery style will you choose? Which coloured finish will you choose? Which building material will you choose? How will you utilise the...

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